The corn is tall, the vegetable garden is winding down but still keeping me hopping, it’s hot and humid, and the flies are obnoxious. It’s August! Every time I open the door it’s a battle to keep the flies from getting in. I don’t think I ever win that one. I actually broke a flyswatterContinue reading “August”

Making a Scarecrow for your Front Porch

Are you trying to give your front porch a Fall makeover? Then certainly a scarecrow is a must. They come in all sizes and shapes, from tiny scarecrows on a stake that you can put in a flower pot to large, life size scarecrows to stand guard over your doorway, or sit on your porchContinue reading “Making a Scarecrow for your Front Porch”

Fall is the time to stock up

After a hot summer, the cool evenings of early Fall are a welcome change. Neighbors are in the fields harvesting soybeans, dried and golden in the sun. Fields of corn are drying up too, and the sunflowers all have their heads turned to the ground, hardly able to hold up under the weight of theContinue reading “Fall is the time to stock up”

Attracting Bees to your Garden

As you probably know, pollinators are rapidly declining in the U.S. One reason is the rampant use of chemicals in yards to control weeds and pests. We can do our part to increase the numbers of bees and other pollinators if we provide them a safe place to nest and feed. I know a lotContinue reading “Attracting Bees to your Garden”