Ways to Ignite Joy in Hard Times

When things are bad, whether huge like a global pandemic, or something smaller in scale like, say, winter, with it’s shorter days and bad weather, or just anything that gets us down, it’s hard to keep our attitudes positive. It’s hard to keep going sometimes. We get weighted down, depressed, and then we kind ofContinue reading “Ways to Ignite Joy in Hard Times”

DIY Christmas Pillows

I love changing out my couch pillows for the season. Don’t you? There’s so many fun and pretty Christmas throw pillows out there, we could easily have too many pillows…in fact, last year my sister looked at my couch, and said, “that’s a lot of pillows”. Sisters…right? I love this pillow. It’s on Kohl’s website.Continue reading “DIY Christmas Pillows”

Outdoor Christmas Decor you can put up yourself

Are you tired of waiting on a man to put out Christmas lights? Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, brother, or friend, do they promise to make time for you, then never make time? Oh, most times their heart’s in the right place, they just have too many projects for the amount of time they haveContinue reading “Outdoor Christmas Decor you can put up yourself”

DIY Christmas wall art from a dish towel

Don’t you love a cute Christmas themed dish towel? I do, too! The only problem is, we don’t always have the space to display them all. I hang them on the oven, and sometimes over a cabinet door. But this starts looking a little cluttered. I love Christmas themed wall art, but it can getContinue reading “DIY Christmas wall art from a dish towel”

Middle-age and childhood dreams

So, hey, a shout out to all of you middle-aged country women. Where did the time go, right? It seems like just yesterday we were all young girls, riding tractors or horses or bikes around the yard. I’m partial to horses, because you can snuggle with them, but I’ve ridden them all. I remember drivingContinue reading “Middle-age and childhood dreams”

Making a Scarecrow for your Front Porch

Are you trying to give your front porch a Fall makeover? Then certainly a scarecrow is a must. They come in all sizes and shapes, from tiny scarecrows on a stake that you can put in a flower pot to large, life size scarecrows to stand guard over your doorway, or sit on your porchContinue reading “Making a Scarecrow for your Front Porch”

DIY Fall Wreaths for your Country Home

Here it is, September. The nights are starting to get chilly – a welcome change from hot August days. It’s so refreshing to sit outside as the sun goes down, listening to the crickets and locusts serenade you, and feeling the cool night breeze on your skin. What better way to celebrate the refreshing coolnessContinue reading “DIY Fall Wreaths for your Country Home”

5 Reasons to hang laundry outside to dry

Remember back in the days of our youth, when women hung their laundry out to dry? Of course, many of us still do, but a lot of women found it quicker and easier to toss a load into the dryer and go on to the next chore. My mother loved to hang her whites (well,Continue reading “5 Reasons to hang laundry outside to dry”