Heading into a New Year

The magic of Christmas has come and gone. The presents have been exchanged, the turkey eaten, and the family has gone home. The presents lay under the tree waiting to be put away. In the next few days, depending on how long you like to leave the tree up, you’ll be taking down the tree, and putting away all the decorations. Doesn’t it seem to go fast?

Another year has come and gone. Pretty soon it’ll be a new year.

After Christmas, there’s a kind of lull. A quiet time before the hoopla of New Year’s Eve. A time to think about how crazy your family is…err, no, I mean it’s time to think about what kind of year it was, and what went right or wrong or sideways or just right. And it’s time to think about what you would like next year to be like.

Of course, if you think about it, a new year is kind of like a do-over. Right? Didn’t get around to something this year? You get a do-over in the new year. Try again. Wanted to try something new but didn’t? Do-over! Try again in the new year. You get another chance.

You know, as the year comes to a close, and the Holiday season winds down, there’s gonna be a lot of cold, dark winter evenings to fill. It’s a great time to start a new project. Or do some sorting/purging.

As I put away the Christmas decorations, I sort them, and choose which ones to keep. I set a few aside that I’m not in love with to take to Goodwill, or maybe pass along to someone I know. I’ve got tons of Christmas decorations, and I want to make sure that what I keep is what I like, or what has value for me, like things that reflect my interests, or were my parents or grandparents.

Every year I like to get a few new ornaments or things to put on the wall or shelf, and if I keep everything I won’t have room for anything new.

It occurs to me that life is the same way. As we pass thru this adventure called life, we should sometimes take a breather, look around at where we are, and what things or people surround us, and make sure that we’re keeping the good stuff. The stuff that has meaning. People we love. Things that we enjoy, or that remind us of loved ones that have passed on, our childhood, good times.

We need to be open to new, wonderful things in our lives. In order to do that, we need to have enough room in our hearts for the new stuff. We do that by letting go of things that no longer reflect us, or have meaning.

Take some time to reflect on the year. Photo by picjumbo.com on Pixabay

Think about all the good stuff in your life. For sure, 2020 has been a year for the history books, far from normal, but maybe Covid has shown us more of what is truly important…jobs, family and friends. We can still take stock of the good stuff in our lives. And we can purge the stuff we don’t want or need anymore.

Whether that’s a mean looking Santa figurine, an ugly sweater that we never wore, (but thanks for the thought sis!), or an old grudge that we’ve carried around so long we don’t remember the reason behind it, it’s good to let stuff go. It clears our homes and our hearts for better things.

So as the new year approaches, take a little time to reflect on all the good stuff in your life, and maybe let go of a few things that don’t serve you anymore. Like hard feelings, or ugly sweaters. Make room for some more good stuff coming your way next year.

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