DIY Christmas Pillows

I love changing out my couch pillows for the season. Don’t you? There’s so many fun and pretty Christmas throw pillows out there, we could easily have too many pillows…in fact, last year my sister looked at my couch, and said, “that’s a lot of pillows”.


Koh’s Chistmas pillow

I love this pillow. It’s on Kohl’s website. It would fit great with my decor, I love the red barn (I have a red barn) and I love vintage pickups. But…it’s pricey. I might wait for it to go on sale later in the season.

It got me thinking, though, about Christmas pillows I could make myself, and for a lot less than the stores are charging.

So, I’ve rounded up a few store versions of Christmas pillows that you can easily make at home. Now, you can’t store 4 seasons worth of pillows easily, so consider making pillow covers – and use the same pillows for all seasons, just change out the covers.

To make a pillow cover, you need about a half yard of fabric. It can be flannel, fleece, or cotton. Or, an old sweater or sweatshirt works just as well. You can make any size pillow, but most couch pillows are 16″ or 18″ square. Feel free to make a 12″ square pillow, or a rectangle or circle, too. No rules, do whatever feels right.

I suggest making an envelope pillow cover, so there’s no zipper or buttons to deal with. When I made my first one, I googled it, and followed a youtube video. It’s easy, I promise.

For example, this youtube video, is one of many out there. (Just included for your info, no affiliate relationship)

I’m gonna show you some store pillows that you can make yourself at home for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes, if you get creative, you can make designer looking pillows for a lot less.

For example, here’s a table runner I bought at Hobby Lobby.

table runner available at Hobby Lobby (not an affiliate)

Isn’t it cute? Little red pickups are everywhere right not. I love the little red truck design, but I didn’t need a table runner. I wanted a throw pillow. So I used the table runner as my fabric, and folded the red truck portion over the plaid, cut the plaid to match the size of the red truck section, then sewed around the edges (right sides together) leaving one end open. I stuffed it with polyester fiberfill, and then hand sewed the last side closed. The table runner had a red truck square at both ends, so I got two pillows about 15″ square for like $15. I would’ve paid at least $20 each at a store.

Here’s some more ideas you can DIY.

Hobby Lobby buffalo check pillow

This buffalo check pillow was on the Hobby Lobby site. This is an easy DIY, all you need is a half yard of flannel. This time of year flannel is on sale at JoAnn’s for $2-$3 a yard, making this a very affordable DIY Christmas pillow. You can use any plaid you like, or even a Christmas flannel design. Follow the youtube directions for making an envelope style pillow cover.

Target pillow

This is a cool variation with buffalo plaid. For this pillow, make a plain envelope pillow cover using flannel, cotton, or even sweatshirt or fleece fabric, then sew or iron on an applique of a bear, like this example, or a deer head, or moose. It may be easiest to sew the animal applique to the fabric before putting the pillow cover together.

For the animal outline, Google ‘bear outline’, and find a free clipart image that you can use as a pattern. Cut this out of a flannel or even a plain colored felt, and then sew the animal form onto the pillow cover. If you don’t sew, you could buy an iron on transfer to use.

Zulily pillow

Here’s another pillow that you can create. You would make this pillow the same as for the bear pillow above, except you would cut out a few tree shapes and sew those to the pillow. You could use flannel plaids, or felt, or wool pieces, whatever you have.

Here’s another version, using simple tree shapes cut from flannel and sweater knit. You could use fabric scraps for this, making it an inexpensive project.

Here’s a cool pillow with a cabin-y vibe. It looks like cross-stitch, but with some simple sewing, this could be something a little different. My version would be squares cut from Christmas flannel, sewed together to make the front panel. I would use plain flannel for the back. For an 18″ pillow, the squares should be 6 1/2″ square, which allows for a 1/4″ seam allowance. Sew three strips of 3 squares together, then sew those 3 strips to each other create the front of the pillow. Cut an 18 1/2″ square of plain flannel for the back, sew together (right sides together), leaving one side open. Insert a pillow form inside, and handstitch up the open side.

Here’s another option. Cut an 18″ wide piece out of cotton fabric. Make it the length of the fabric, which is usually about 44″. Make an envelope pillow cover using the instructions linked to above. I used this fabric for myself. I love the horses and the red barns. It’s very Christmasy and being a horse lover, it’s just perfect.

Find a piece of fabric that shows what you love, whether that’s puppies or chickens or cows or pickup trucks or chickadees or Santas or snowmen, whatever you love, and make a Christmas pillow for your couch or bed. Make your home decor say, “you”. And what better way for your home to say “you”, than to have things around that you have made.

Happy Crafting!

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