DIY Christmas wall art from a dish towel

Don’t you love a cute Christmas themed dish towel? I do, too! The only problem is, we don’t always have the space to display them all.

I hang them on the oven, and sometimes over a cabinet door. But this starts looking a little cluttered. I love Christmas themed wall art, but it can get expensive, right?

If you have this problem, too, I have a solution.

Make some wall art from that towel. Does that sound crazy? Well, it’s not. I saw this towel in the store the other day, and I thought it would make a great little accent for my family room.

dish towel I bought

So, this is my starting point. I also had a 12″ square canvas, like you would paint on. You can buy one of these at your local WalMart or Michaels. And you can buy these in lots of sizes. You’re not limited to a 12″ square.

12″ square canvas

Now, I ripped the seams of the towel on the top and bottoms to give me more room. What you’re going to do is cut the towel in half, and then stretch it over the canvas and attach it with a staple gun. You could use a hot glue gun if that’s more your comfort level. I think it would work fine.

So, next I cut the towel in half. You could make two of these, one with each half. Keep one, give one, if you like. Now, I needed some more room on top of the half towel, so I could attach it to the back of the canvas. So I found a piece of white flannel. You could use a piece from an old towel, or a piece of fleece, whatever you have laying around will work.

I cut a piece of flannel as long as the width of the towel, and about 3 inches long. Then I pinned (right sides together) the piece of flannel to the towel.

Attach a piece of flannel or fleece to the top of the towel so there’s enough to attach to the canvas.

Then I sewed the two pieces together. I then turned the fabric so both right sides were face up. Smooth out the seam with your finger, then sew another line of stitching about 1/8″ from the seam, as in the photo below. This will strengthen the seam, and keep it lying flat.

Detail of topstitching.

Detail of finished top stitching 1/8 inch from the seam.

Next, it’s time to stretch the towel over the canvas. Center your design, and fold the edges over to the back side of the canvas.

Fold the edges to the back of the canvas, and tuck under the wooden edges. Apply glue, or use a staple gun like I did to hold the fabric to the wood.

Kind of tuck the fabric under the wood frame. If you’re using glue, glue the wood and then tuck the fabric under and press it so the glue will stick. I used a staple gun, so I simply tucked and stapled.

If you wanted to hang this on the wall, you could attach one of those jagged edge picture hangers to the top (on the back). Or, you can just use the wood frame to hang it on a nail. Also, you can just lean this on your mantel or dresser, or wherever.

Finished product!

I think it came out pretty well. There’s a bit of a seam showing on the bottom, but I’m ok with that.

You will have the other half of the towel leftover. You can make another piece just like this, to give to a friend, or you could finish the top and bottom (turn over 1/4″ and sew) and keep as a small towel, pet blanky, or rag. Don’t just toss it.

Now it’s your turn. Give it a try!

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