Indian Summer

Indian Summer is a term used to describe a stretch of warm, summer-like weather that occurs in the fall after we’ve had a frost. It’s been a number of years since we’ve had what I would call Indian Summer, and this year we got one.

We had two frosts so far, not too bad, but enough to kill some flowers and heighten the changing, falling leaves.

And then we got 4 days of gorgeous summer-like weather…blue sky, gentle breeze, 70’s temps…beautiful! We made the most of it, in fact, I wore myself out. We put Christmas lights up (yes we did!), washed windows, mulched flowerbeds, brought in flower pots, took the dog for a walk, washed the car, ate out on the deck, just enjoyed the heck out of it.

Photo by Artem Saranin on

It was wierd…one of our radio stations was playing Christmas music, it was 70 degrees outside…I saw a guy jogging in just his shorts in the afternoon and a house down the way had it’s Christmas lights on at night. I think I’m confused…

They always used to say that Indian Summer was a last chance to finish all those outdoor chores before cold weather hit. And it’s also a last chance to be outside and enjoy the sun and warmth.

This year has been a doozy, and this was a nice surprise for us. A batch of warm, sunny weather to start off November. I remember a few mild Thanksgivings, but not very many. Here in the Midwest it’s usually cold by then, and like as not we’ve probably had our first snow by then. Not much accumulation, but enough to notice.

So now it’s time to face the facts…the holidays and winter are on their way.

And that’s ok. To everything there is a season…there is a time for warmth, and a time for cold. And a time for turkey and football and parades. And a time for Christmas, with all it’s magic and wonder and cheer.

But this weekend, it was time for Indian Summer. A beautiful blue sky, the warm sun shining down on us, and a chance to catch up and get some things done, and also sit and enjoy the last burst of warm weather. It was a good weekend.

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