Does Your Home Decor Reflect Who You Are Now?

Not everyone can afford to redo their home decor every couple years, and I’m not suggesting you plan an expensive renovation. Who has the money for that anyway. It’s just…when you look around your home, does it reflect who you are now?

Or does it still say Mom of 3 toddlers? Or teacher by day, grad student at night? (and no time to clean) Or even wife of the ex-husband louse idiot extraordinaire?

We all change as we go thru our lives, and your home should reflect who you are now, not a decade or two ago. Some changes come as we mature and move thru jobs and relationships. There are good changes (new jobs, marriage, grown children) and some changes are bad (illness, loss of a spouse), but we all go thru them. And we evolve.

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It’s good to have a home that we feel ourselves in, that we can invite friends and family over and share who we are and what’s important to us. We can come home from the world out there and be in our zone, our nest. This is us.

So, does your home reflect you, now?

Take a look around your home, room by room. Write down your first impressions, as if you were coming into your home as a stranger. Who do you think lives here? What kind of people are they?

You know how you feel when you enter someone’s home for the first time. You find yourself looking for clues…looking at pictures, things hanging on the wall, sitting on shelves. You get a certain vibe from a home…does it feel friendly and warm? So look at your home from that viewpoint. Or ask a trusted friend to give their impression.

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Compare this to who you are, and what kind of life you lead. Does it match? What would need to change for that impression and reality to match?

Look at the color scheme, and layout. The overall theme of the decor. Is it tailored and traditional, or casual and comfortable? Which are you? Is your home giving a stuffy impression, while you’re a bubbly, friendly soul? Loosen it up. Comfy up your decor…with fluffy pillows and afghans. You want a home that feels friendly and warm.

Are you an expert gardener? Does your home reflect your love of nature? Are you a new grandma? Then let those little toys take up a shelf in your living room. Are you a gourmet cook? Or a top-notch baker? Then your kitchen deserves the spotlight.

Take a look at your walls, tabletops, bookshelves. Do you still read those kinds of books? Purge and donate what you don’t want anymore. Do you still like that painting on the wall? Are the family pictures in frames all outdated? Would a stranger looking at the photos around the house think you were 20 years younger and the kids were still in school? It’s time for an update!

Are the little objects sitting around things that have just always been there, or things that speak to who you are now? Don’t be afraid to change things. Add some new personal touches…art, pictures, and keepsakes that reflect your interests and your family as they are now.

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Once you know what you don’t want anymore, things that don’t reflect you now, start thinking about what you do want. For example, without small kids, you can have nicer things sitting around without fear of them being knocked around or broken. Do you think a different color scheme would make you happier? Would you love a cabin or cottage feel? Maybe you’d love a more modern look – modern like midcentury danish…or modern as in the new farmhouse look?

Maybe you’ve rescued a dog to keep you company. Let your home say Dog Lover. If you’ve rediscovered your love of music, give your stereo or that piano a place of honor in your home. Bring your things out of hiding. Let them take a place in your home where they can show who you are.

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Don’t have anything sitting around in the decor style you like? Then look around for some inspiration.

You can buy pillows and throws in any decor theme – farmhouse, equine, dogs, cats, llamas, cabin, cottage, lodge, western, beach, whatever. Lamps, figurines, dishes, rugs, and books can show who you are and what you love. And if you can’t afford a lot of new decor items, no problem. Just make a list of things you don’t love so much anymore, and find things to replace them as you can afford it.

You should live in a home that reflects the amazing woman you are. And it doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Just sprinkle little things throughout your home that you love.

If you don’t think you’re that great at decorating, hang in there. We’re going to be doing some articles on some basics of interior decorating – for women on modest incomes. So keep an eye out for that soon.

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