Making a Scarecrow for your Front Porch

Are you trying to give your front porch a Fall makeover? Then certainly a scarecrow is a must. They come in all sizes and shapes, from tiny scarecrows on a stake that you can put in a flower pot to large, life size scarecrows to stand guard over your doorway, or sit on your porch swing.

You can buy this type of scarecrow at any home improvement store or WalMart and even the dollar store. If you’d like to try your hand at making your own scarecrow, I’ve looked around for some tutorials on the web that I think anybody could make.

You know, scarecrows came about as a way for gardeners to scare pests from eating their harvest. So anything noisy, or that would flap in the wind and mimic movement was good. Some people even hung aluminum foil pie plates from the scarecrow as further deterrents. They would reflect the light and move around, supposedly scaring rabbits, raccoons, and deer from eating your sweet corn.

Not sure how effective they were, but somewhere along the line they became just as much decor and fall fun as they were deer and bird deterrents. Now they can be seen in many sizes and shapes, from table top decoration to yard decor.

Let’s see a few examples of make your own scarecrows.

Make your own Scarecrow

This tutorial from the home decor experts at HGTV shows you how to make a large garden size scarecrow using two pieces of wood (you could use garden stakes) for the frame. Then it’s a matter of filling old clothes with straw and making a head out of a bag. A pair of muck boots and a straw hat, or whatever you have laying around, top it off. You can make your scarecrow a male or female, depending on the clothing you choose, and the “hair” and face you use. Looks like fun!

For a simpler option, without nails, here’s a tutorial from Home Depot showing how to use yardsticks and wire to make a frame for your scarecrow. Certainly a better option for those of you not handy with a hammer and nails. This option makes a smaller scarecrow, perfect for standing in a flower pot or sitting in your flowerbed or even just leaning against the porch or a wall. Lots of options with this one.

Here’s another smaller option for a diy fall scarecrow. These are made from a slab of wood. The website ( has a template you can use for the faces, or you can draw your own. You can use paint or the paint Sharpies. Staple some burlap or fabric on the bottom, stick a few chunks of straw or raffia in them, and top with a hat. You could even skip the wooden hat and just top with a small straw hat or baseball hat. Lean one or two against the wall and bingo, you’re done.

Maybe you don’t want to go to that much trouble. Here’s an option for you. This cute scarecrow wreath is made with a big straw hat, some flowers or leaves, and a hot glue gun. The instructions can be found at the link below the picture. (for all of these, by the way) You could make different kinds of faces, maybe glue a bandana at the bottom, just have fun with it. Hang it on the front door for a dose of fall cuteness.

This isn’t really a scarecrow, but it’s close. What it is, is an ingenious wreath. I just love it. I’m gonna make this one! Take a grapevine wreath, and wrap an old flannel shirt around it, put some straw inside, then tack an old hat and a bandana on it. Instructions can be found at the link below the picture. This is adorable and very farm/country. I love it.

There is a diy scarecrow (or a version of one) that is for anybody and any skill level. So if you’ve got a hankerin’ to make your own scarecrow this Fall, grab some supplies and go for it!

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