DIY Fall Wreaths for your Country Home

Here it is, September. The nights are starting to get chilly – a welcome change from hot August days. It’s so refreshing to sit outside as the sun goes down, listening to the crickets and locusts serenade you, and feeling the cool night breeze on your skin.

What better way to celebrate the refreshing coolness of Fall than to make a new wreath to hang on your front door?

There are just as many types of wreaths as there are people to put them up, but I’m partial to a wreath that shows off my country-ness (is that a word?) I like using natural materials like straw, wheat, pine cones, and leaves. I love the symbolism of nature shedding it’s skin, making way for another season. Spring isn’t the only season of change. Fall, too, is a transition.

As the calendar heads towards winter, we gather and store our harvest, and get ready for long cold days ahead. Like the squirrels gathering nuts, we fill our pantries in preparation. At least that’s how I was taught. Maybe you were too. Being from the Midwest, and raised in the country, I was raised with gardening and putting up the harvest. You do as much for yourself as you can. And, at least you know what’s in the food you raise.

Anyway…I’ve wandered off topic.

Today I want to show you a few country wreaths that I think are easy enough to make yourself, and that show a pride in being country.

I’ve looked around the net, and here’s what I liked. You won’t see anything here that is called “farmhouse” in the current style. I am not a fan of white-washed, greyed out decor. It makes me feel like I’ve gone colorblind. Give me some color, especially in the Fall! Orange, brown, deep purple, gold, burgundy, greens, yellows. Live it up, I say.

This wreath was shown on the Country Living magazine site. I think it’s beautiful! It’s made with stalks of wheat (or field grass could be used) tied to a wreath frame, with a sprinkling of maple leaves or branches added for more interest.

This wreath is a bit less dramatic, but beautiful nonetheless. It is made with wheat or grasses too, with a burlap or linen bow. You could use a wire or wood frame, or even a small styrofoam wreath base. This was on the blog

This in-process wreath is made on a straw wreath frame, and uses corn husks to make a pretty star type wreath. This comes from the ace herself, Martha Stewart. The tutorial is on her website. It’s stunning.

Here’s a colorful wreath for your door. I love the brightness and the personalized initial on the pumpkin in the center. This comes from a blogger on All you need is a grapevine wreath, some ribbon and berries, and a fake pumpkin.

This gorgeous fall wreath is shown on the blog (the link is This wreath is made with fake fall flowers and a wreath base. You could probably use a wire frame or a styrofoam base. Very easy and pretty.

Here’s another lovely wreath made from natural materials. This fall wreath is made from ears of indian corn. You can get indian corn at your nearby farmers market. You could use a wire or wood base. This comes from a middle-aged blogger, and the link is I love the colors and the natural shape of this one.

Whichever type of wreath you decide to make, I’m sure your front door will look welcoming and amazing! Head to the fields, or farmers market, and your local craft store for a few supplies and in no time you’ll have a wonderful fall wreath.


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